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How To Avoid The Summer Slide

June 23, 2020

With summer in full swing, you may find yourself putting college on the backburner. Students often experience the “summer slide” sensation of not prioritizing academics during the summer, particularly now that many classes are online. While summer is a great time to recharge and relax, it is equally as important to get ready for the fall semester and put your best foot forward. Whether you are taking summer classes, working or relaxing at home you should take advantage of your summer to advance your academics and career overall. Here are some tips and resources for making the most of your summer:

Stay organized – Make sure you are registered for fall classes that keep you on track for graduating on time. If you have not done so already, get in touch with your academic advisor to confirm your fall schedule.

Read – When was the last time you read a book for fun? There’s nothing like reading a good book during the summer! Check out this list of great summer reads.

Get a job or internship – Even if you do not have a summer job or internship, there are likely still openings available. Getting career experience during the summer can be a great way to free up time during the fall and spring semesters. Take the time to speak with mentors or other professionals in your field of interest. Even a 30 minute informational phone call can be incredibly helpful when it comes to choosing a career to pursue! Check out Indeed, a great resource for finding jobs and internships.

Keep learning - tnAchieves has created a series of informational webinars, including several videos on interesting career fields, job readiness tips and more! These videos can be incredibly helpful when it comes to learning more about starting your career.

Stay active – Make sure you are taking care of yourself during the summer, both mentally and physically. Go for a walk with family or friends, read outside, join a gym or even go for a bike ride. Physical activity releases endorphins which help keep you sharp and happy!

Get a tutor – Getting a tutor can be a huge help whether you are currently taking summer classes or just want a refresher in a difficult subject area. Most colleges offer free virtual tutoring. Kahn Academy is also a great resource for free online tutoring via short videos.