We heard you! Finding community service during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging. To help, we have recorded virtual community service webinars. Each webinar counts as 1 hour of community service!

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Community Service Requirements

WHAT are the deadlines for submitting my community service?

Complete and submit 8 hours by each deadline!

FALL July 1, 2021 Class of 2021: 11/03/20 - 07/01/21***
Class of 2020: 11/02/19 - 07/01/21
Class of 2015 - 2019: 12/03/19 - 07/01/21
SPRING^ Waived for
Spring 2021
SUMMER* April 1, 2021 Class of 2021: 11/03/20 - 04/01/21***
Class of 2020: 11/02/19 - 04/01/21
Class of 2015 - 2019: 12/03/19 - 04/01/21

*Summer semester/trimester deadlines only apply to students attending a TCAT or students choosing to enroll full time in a summer semester at a community college or eligible four-year institution. Only students attending a TCAT may utilize TN Promise in the summer term directly following high school graduation and must meet the April 1 deadline.
^Due to the current state of emergency related to COVID-19 the Tennessee Higher Education Commission/Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (THEC/TSAC) has made the decision to waive the December 1, 2020 community service requirement. A Tennessee Promise student enrolling at an eligible institution for the spring term will not be required to complete and submit community service to maintain eligibility for that term
**Students attending South College are required to submit 8 hours prior to each quarter. Contact tnachieves@tnachieves.org for specific deadlines.
***Class of 2021 high school seniors can begin working on their first 8 hours on November 3, 2020 which is the day after the TN Promise application closes.


Community service is time contributed to a nonprofit or public service organization. The community should be benefitting from the work you do!

Students can also volunteer in their field of interest to gain experience. This means that job shadowing may count toward your community service requirement.

Make sure you are volunteering with an actual organization (not an individual), you are not being paid, you are being supervised by someone who is not a family member and your activity does not include proselytizing (sharing faith).


All community service hours must be submitted through the community service online form found here. After submitting your community service hours, you will receive a confirmation email.

Meet Cameron Robinson and learn why he finds community service important!

Can i job shadow for my community service?

Want to learn more about a particular career field you would like to pursue in college? Complete a job shadowing experience, which can count toward your eight hours of community service. Job shadowing allows you to spend time with professionals in your career field of interest.

Complete a job shadowing placement one of two ways:

  1. Participate in a tnAchieves Job Shadow Day! We will organize shadowing opportunities with employers across the state, check your email frequently for more information on when and where these will take place.
  2. Find your own job shadow opportunity and submit the hours by using the community service form.
How many hours have I submitted?

To verify how many hours you have successfully submitted prior to each deadline, click here.

What counts as community service?

What doesn't count?

Tutoring students at a community center

Doing laundry for residents of a nursing home

Working with an organization to build homes for people in need

Participating in an environment clean-up event

Volunteering to work at a booth for a food drive or charity race

Volunteering with established student organizations at your college

Building a deck with your friend


Picking up trash during a hike with friends

Donating cans to a food drive or running a race

Proselytizing (sharing faith)

Find Service Opportunities In Your Area