Transformational Change Happens One Student at a Time

tnAchieves mentors help the next generation of Tennessee's workforce pursue a high-quality post-secondary credential after high school and build the skills necessary to access a meaningful career. With just one hour per month, you can support the next generation as they transition into college. Click here to register as a tnAchieves mentor.

In 2024, tnAchieves mentors will...

  1. Inspire
    Mentors encourage students to pursue a post-secondary pathway that leads to a meaningful career.
  2. Engage
    Mentors play a vital role in the statewide network of tnAchieves partners developing Tennessee's future workforce.
  3. Navigate
    Mentors provide direction and connect students with valuable resources on their journey from high school to college.

What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

tnAchieves Mentors are asked to serve three essential roles for their students from mid-November of 2023 through the start of their college careers in the Fall of 2024. Mentoring takes just one hour per month, but that one hour can make a significant difference in a student's life! 

Mentors invest 12 hours annually assisting 8-10 high school seniors. tnAchieves has designed the mentor role so that even the busiest executive, parent or young professional can make a meaningful impact. If you do not have experience working in education, do not worry! All mentors complete an online training and receive a comprehensive handbook guide to the program. tnAchieves staff is also always available to answer your questions and provide support!

The Importance of Meeting In-Person

In 2023-2024, all mentors will meet with their students in-person at a meeting hosted at the students' high school. This meeting will be required for students, and mentors will attend to make an initial connection with local students. This meeting will be scheduled in either early December or January and will take place during the school day or in the late afternoon. This meeting will provide an opportunity for all mentors to begin connecting with local students and the tnAchieves program, it will also serve as the mentor training for mentors serving in 2024! After attending the meeting, tnAchieves will share with each mentor their paired student(s), each of whom have proactively requested the opportunity to work with a mentor!

Hear from current tnAchieves mentors about their experience!