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Should you take summer classes?
May 4, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for summer classes?

You can register for summer classes the same way you register for other terms. Contact your advisor or your school’s registration office for guidance!

Will TN Promise cover summer classes?

Yes! TN Promise will cover tuition and mandatory fees after all other state and federal financial aid has been applied. The summer term will count as one of your 5 semesters or 8 trimesters of TN Promise funding.

How many credit hours do I need to take?

There is no minimum credit-hour requirement for summer 2021! However, part-time enrollment will still be considered a full term of funding. If you would like to save your TN Promise funding for a future semester, please reach out to the financial aid office.

Do I need to complete community service hours?

Nope! The summer 2021 community service requirement has been waived. Any community service hours you have previously submitted now count toward the fall 2021 community service requirement.