Virtual Community Service

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, tnAchieves recognizes that completing in-person community service hours may be challenging.

As an additional resource, we have recorded a virtual opportunity for you to complete community service hours. By watching the webinars below, you will accumulate community service hours. Each video will account for one hour of community service, so feel free to watch multiple episodes. We hope that these webinars/interviews will provide you with insight into career paths, college success and general life skills.

Click the link below to log in and view a community service webinar. You must watch a webinar in its entirety and click 'submit' to be credited an hour of community service. Duplicate viewings of the same webinar will not be counted as an hour of community service. You may only receive credit for viewing each webinar once!

***You DO NOT need to submit tnAchieves virtual community service separately. Your attendance will be recorded after viewing each webinar and one hour of community service will be credited to your account***

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Becoming a Great Leader
Becoming a great leader requires hard work, trying a lot of things and learning from failure. Hear from tnAchieves Board members Randy Boyd and Mike Ragsdale and Executive Director Krissy DeAlejandro as they discuss what it takes to become a great leader!

Perspectives of a TN Promise Student
Hear from three tnAchieves team members that are alumni of the program! They share personal experiences and tips on how to take advantage of the resources tnAchieves provides. This one is relatable!

Connecting with your tnAchieves Mentor
tnAchieves mentors serve as trusted resources and sources of encouragement to TN Promise students. Taking advantage of this relationship will ensure that you have someone in your corner during the college process!

Working with your COMPLETE Coach
All TN Promise students are assigned a tnAchieves COMPLETE coach that will help them navigate college. Hear from three COMPLETE coaches as they share advice and helpful tips on connecting with your coach and taking advantage of opportunities.

Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology (TCAT) provide students with certified training for in-demand careers statewide. Often considered the "hidden gems" of Tennessee's colleges, TCATs have incredibly high completion and job-placement rates. Learn more about program offerings and the importance of TCATs from three institution presidents.

College Resources
Understanding the resources available to you at your college can make your experience better. Hear from representatives from Southwest Tennessee Community College, Nashville State Community College and Walters State Community College as they discuss providing students with valuable and rewarding college experiences.

College Professors Aren't That Scary
Building a relationship with your college professors is vital to your success in the classroom. Hear from faculty members from Belmont University, Pellissippi State Community College and Southwest Tennessee Community College as they share tips, stories and general advice on succeeding in college.

Transferring to a Four-Year College
This webinar focuses on the process and importance of transferring to a university! Chancellor Keith Carver of the University of Tennessee at Martin and President Paul Stumb at Cumberland University discuss the resources available for transfer students and the benefits of continuing your education.

University of Tennessee's Haslam College of Business
Hear from six leaders from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville's Haslam College of Business about pursuing a business degree and using those skills to find a career!

Social Media Etiquette and Careers
Using social media correctly can help you in your future job search and even become a career. Understanding its impacts, benefits and dangers can ensure that you use it in a productive way. Hear from three social media experts from Nashville, as they discuss how to use social media in a positive way!

Preparing for the Workforce
Three members of the tnAchieves staff, at very different points in their careers, discuss entering the job market, beginning their first jobs and advice for students as they near graduation! All three of our panelists are from Tennessee and went to college in Tennessee. We think you will find their perspectives and advice helpful as you prepare for your career.

In-Demand Careers
Our webinar about in-demand careers features a chamber executive and a training manager at Nissan, one of Tennessee’s largest employers. Our panelists will discuss careers that are currently in demand across the state and what students can begin doing now to prepare for those careers. They also discuss exactly what employers are looking for when they make hires. This webinar will provide you valuable information as you begin thinking about your career!

Careers in Engineering and Manufacturing
Careers in manufacturing and engineering are in-demand and accessible to TN Promise students. Hear from industry experts from Trane, Denso and the City of Chattanooga on how to train for and access jobs in the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Careers in Healthcare
When we survey TN Promise students, many of them indicate that they are interested in careers in healthcare. We are excited to share this webinar featuring healthcare professionals from Maury Regional Health System, St Jude Children's Research Hospital and Davida. Healthcare is a broad industry with many different careers, so check this one out!

Careers in Hospitality and Entertainment
Tennessee has a diverse portfolio of careers in hospitality and entertainment. All three divisions of the state have unique opportunities. Hear from professionals from Wilderness at the Smokies, the Tennessee Entertainment Commission and Hilton Corporation as they discuss beginning a career in the industry!

Careers in K-12 Education Part 1
Join veteran educators Dr. Cathy Pressnell and Superintendent Joey Hassell as they discuss careers in education. Many students indicate that they are interested in careers in education, so learn more about opportunities!

Careers in K-12 Education Part 2
Hear from two current classroom teachers and a district supervisor as they discuss their roles as educators, starting the profession and proudest moments. Many of you mention that you are interested in teaching, so check this one out!

Careers with a Law Degree
This webinar features two practicing attorneys and a Tennessee appellate judge doing very different things with their law degrees. We have a governor-appointed judge, a private practice attorney and an attorney practicing in the public sector as an assistant district attorney. Our panel shares their career paths as well as their advice for aspiring lawyers. We think you will find this panel and their wealth of knowledge to be entertaining and informative!

Careers in Law Enforcement
Hear from Deputy Attorney General Carolyn Smith from the Office of the Tennessee Attorney General and Director David Rausch from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation speak on their careers in law enforcement, entry level positions in their fields and advice on preparing for the workforce!

Careers in Local Government
Hear from a former and current county mayor as they discuss careers in local government, leadership from an elected position and their impact on communities. The differing perspective from a rural community to a larger metropolitan area is interesting!

Careers in Media
Hear from three professionals with careers in media that all specialize in something different. Media careers are diverse! Our panel of professionals share how to get started in radio, journalism and broadcasting, how to navigate a job search and other helpful tips.

Careers in Sports
Careers in sports require various skill-sets and come with a high-energy, every-changing industry. Hear from three professionals representing three of Tennessee's professional sports teams: the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators and Tennessee Smokies.

Careers in State Government
This webinar features three tnAchieves mentors that work for the State of Tennessee. They represent three different departments providing various types of service. Learn more about how to access careers in government and what types of jobs are available.