We're Ready. Who's with us?

tnAchieves mentors play a critical role in the success of students across the state of Tennessee as they pursue a post-secondary credential. Many students need just a little extra help in navigating the college-going process. tnAchieves mentors provide that support by offering encouragement and personal guidance to students in their community.  

In 2023, we're ready to:

  1. Reverse Pandemic-Related Trends
    In 2021, Tennessee experienced a 9 percentage point decline in its college-going rate, reaching a 10-year low of 52%. Mentors will play a critical role in reversing this trend by ensuring Tennessee students have someone in their corner on their college journey!
  2. Inspire Students
    “I didn’t have anyone to help me out with the college process because no one in my family had gone. However, my mentor was really accommodating and we even met in person. My mentor was incredibly supportive!” - Haylee, Montgomery County
  3. Engage Communities
    Mentors play a critical role in the development of our local workforce by connecting students with high-quality, tuition-free post-secondary opportunities.


What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

tnAchieves Mentors are asked to serve three essential roles for their students from mid-November of 2022 through the start of their college careers in the Fall of 2023. Mentoring only takes one hour per month, but that one hour can make a significant difference in a student's life! 

Mentors invest 12 hours annually assisting 8-10 high school seniors. tnAchieves has designed the mentor role so that even the busiest executive, parent or young professional can make a meaningful impact. If you do not have experience working in education, do not worry! All mentors receive an online training, handbook and support from the tnAchieves staff.

Reimagined Mentor Program

In 2022, we are reimagining the tnAchieves mentoring program to better serve students, by combining familiar virtual tools with time-tested strategies to better connect with students. Mentors will also have access to their tnAchieves students to begin supporting them through the college-going process earlier than ever before!


Hear from current tnAchieves mentors about their experience!