Why Mentor?

tnAchieves mentors play a critical role in the success of students across the state of Tennessee as they pursue a post-secondary credential. Many students need just a little extra help in navigating the college-going process. tnAchieves mentors provide that support by offering encouragement and personal guidance to students in their community.  

What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

tnAchieves Mentors are asked to serve three essential roles for their students from mid-February 2022 through their first semester of college. Mentoring only takes one hour per month, but that one hour can make a significant difference in a student's life! 

Mentors invest 12 hours annually assisting 5-10 high school seniors. tnAchieves has designed the mentor role so that even the busiest executive, parent or young professional can make a meaningful impact. If you do not have experience working in education, do not worry! All mentors receive an online training, handbook and support from the tnAchieves staff.

Will I mentor in person or virtually?

Mentors primarily work with their students virtually, via phone call, text message or tnAchieves CONNECT.  tnAchieves CONNECT is a virtual mentoring platform that allows mentors and students to stay up-to-date with one another in a safe online environmenttnAchieves is committed to providing mentors with safe, effective options to meet with their students. Mentors serving in 2022 will have three options to meet with their students: 

  • Virtually using tnAchieves CONNECT video meetings. 
  • In-person at an open house hosted by tnAchieves at a local college campus. tnAchieves staff will be available to answer questions and assist. 
  • In-person at a public venue of your choosing without tnAchieves present. 

All mentors will still leverage tnAchieves CONNECT to stay up-to-date with their students and communicate with them. Regardless of which meeting format each mentor chooses, tnAchieves will provide support and resources to ensure your connection is successful!

Hear from current tnAchieves mentors about their experience!

Apply today!

Class of 2022 tnAchieves mentor recruitment is underway! Begin the process of becoming a tnAchieves mentor by clicking one of the links below. After completing a mentor application/renewal, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps. All tnAchieves mentors must undergo a background check and complete mentor training to be paired with Class of 2022 TN Promise students. 

Questions? We are one email away: mentors@tnAchieves.org

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