Students Thrive When Their Community is Behind Them.

Serving as a tnAchieves mentor is a simple yet effective way to inspire students to pursue a high-quality credential that leads to meaningful employment. By investing just one hour per month, mentors serve as a... 

  1. Task-Manager
    Mentors ensure students meet critical deadlines by sending reminders in advance of key requirements.
  2. Resource
    Mentors support students by answering questions and providing support as students navigate the college process.
  3. Encourager
    Mentors are there to say 'We can do this together!" and provide valuable encouragement as students pursue a college credential.

How To Get Started as a tnAchieves Mentor

There are five simple steps to serving as a great tnAchieves mentor. Mentoring takes just one hour per month, but leaves a lasting impact on students, their communities and the state's workforce! 

  1. Register as a mentor by November 15, 2024. It takes just 2 minutes to get started!
  2. Select your preferred high school. Mentors can choose to serve any of the 400+ high school that tnAchieves serves across 74 Tennessee counties. 
  3. Complete mentor orientation. tnAchieves will provide orientation materials in advance of your in-person meeting to ensure you are up to speed on next steps and mentor best-practices!
  4. Attend your in-person meeting. All mentors must attend the in-person tnAchieves meeting to be paired with students! 

Find Your Why

Volunteering as a tnAchieves mentor is an impactful way to give back to the community! Mentors report that they find value in volunteering for several reasons, including: 

  1. Supporting Students
    Mentors help students reach their full potential and provide individualized support.
  2. Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce
    Mentor connect students to high-quality post-secondary pathways that lead to gainful employment.
  3. Breaking Cycles
    Mentors provide encouragement and inspiration for first-generation students.
  4. Community Engagement
    Mentors care deeply about building a thriving community. 
  5. Reversing Trends
    Mentors play a vital role in the statewide effort to increase Tennessee's college-going rate.