Mentor Resources

Financial Aid Toolkit

The Federal Student Aid Financial Aid Toolkit includes free webinars and materials that explore and explain the financial aid process. As always, feel free to contact tnAchieves staff with any questions.

Mentor Recognition Program

The tnAchieves Mentor Recognition Program is an opportunity for you to become more intentionally involved with tnAchieves and students in your community. It is also an opportunity for us to recognize you and the incredible work you do to encourage and support students making the important transition from high school to college.


Our mentors now have the opportunity to more deeply engage with the program, earning points along the way. Mentors earn points by completing the following:

Coordinate a tnAchieves Community Service Day

tnAchieves will host at least one Community Service Day in each of our 85 counties. These events are designed to help students complete some of their required eight hours of service and give mentors and students an opportunity to connect.

We need your help! If there is an organization in your community that needs volunteers and wants to help students in your community fulfill this important scholarship requirement, nominate them as a community service partner.

How it Works

                 No minimum nor maximum capacity for volunteers

                 No additional training required outside of the day

                 No payment required on behalf of volunteers

                 Event is sponsored by an organization (e.g., church, school, nonprofit)

  • Take a sign in sheet, emailed to you by tnAchieves, to the event to help sign in mentors in attendance.
  • Receive two points in the Mentor Recognition Program for nominating the event!

= 2 Points

Attend a tnAchieves Monthly Webinar

tnAchieves hosts monthly webinars covering topics that will help you better understand your students and equip you to better serve them.

= 1 Point/Webinar

Assist tnAchieves Staff at Team Meetings

We would love your help at team meetings! Mentor duties may include helping other mentors complete the sign in process, providing handouts to students and families, directing attendees to their appropriate sears and helping clean up the space at the meeting’s conclusion.

= 1 Point/Meeting

Recruit 3 Mentors

Reach out to your friends, coworkers, neighbors and family, inviting them to spend one hour a month working with students in your community.

= 1 Point/3 Mentors Recruited

Attend a tnAchieves Community Service Day

In June and July, tnAchieves will provide community service opportunities in counties across the state, inviting mentors and students to serve together.

= 1 Point

Offer Job Shadowing Opportunities to Students

TN Promise scholars can complete a job shadowing experience as part of their eight hour community service requirement. Mentors willing to offer job shadowing opportunities for students may submit their name, industry and contact information to Ben at

= 1 Point

Write a Tip for tnAchieves Monday Email & Blog Post

tnAchieves outreach staff sends an email to mentors every Monday informing them of important program details and providing them with mentoring ideas and tips. If you have an idea that has worked well for you as a mentor or have suggestions for communicating with students, submit your tips to Graham at If your tip is used in an email and/or blog, you will receive a point.

= 1 Point


Each point earned moves the mentor closer to reaching one of the tnAchieves Mentor Achievement Levels:

tnAchieves Honor Roll

12 points

tnAchieves Dean’s List

16 Points

tnAchieves President’s List

20 Points


We will track your points throughout the year, recognizing mentors as they achieve one of these three honors.

Webinar Wednesdays

On the third Wednesday of each month, the tnAchieves Outreach Team will host an optional webinar for mentors on the topics listed below. Each webinar attended counts for one Mentor Recognition Program point. Every webinar will be recorded, and we will email the link to the recorded version after each presentation. To register for a webinar, please click on the corresponding link below!

February 15, 2017: Training Refresher and Statistical Update

This will be the first installment of our year long Webinar Wednesday series. We will provide a refresher regarding working with our students and what you can expect in your upcoming tnAchieves team meeting!

Click here to view a recording of February's Webinar Wednesday!

March 15, 2017: The College Admissions Process

Our second installment of the Webinar Wednesday series will focus on the college admissions process at community colleges and Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology!

Click here to view a recording of March's Webinar Wednesday!

April 19, 2017: Question and Answer Session with tnAchieves

Our third installment of the Webinar Wednesday series will be a question and answer session with tnAchieves. We will address many frequently asked questions from mentors and give you tips to proceed after your team meeting!

Click here to view a recording of April's Webinar Wednesday!

May 17, 2017: Financial Aid Verification

Jason Seay, Assistant Executive Director of the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, will discuss Financial Aid Verification in our fourth Webinar Wednesday installment. Some students will be selected for verification over the summer, and this webinar will cover common questions that arise during the verification process.   

Click here to view a recording of May's Webinar Wednesday!

June 14, 2017: Community Service

Amanda Bolden with tnAchieves shares insight and tips regarding the July 1 community service deadline. She outlines the deadline and its purpose, as well as, how to encourage your students to find worth-while volunteer opportunities. Lastly, she shows how a student will submit their community service!

Click here to view a recording of June's Webinar Wednesday!

July 19, 2017: Student Myths About College

Jackie Hartmann, tnAchieves Deputy Director of Special Projects, hosted July's Webinar Wednesday. Her topic was Student Myths about College. View our recording to learn more about what students should expect in college and what tips can help them succeed!

Click here to view a recording of July's Webinar Wednesday!

August 23, 2017: State of TN Promise Community Tour Recap

After a summer of touring the state reporting on tnAchieves and TN Promise data and collecting valuable insight from local stakeholders, we are excited to share some of our findings from a statewide perspective. Join tnAchieves Executive Director Krissy DeAlejandro and learn how TN Promise and tnAchieves are transforming our state's college going culture and our next steps to continue to serve our students.

Click here to view a recording of August's Webinar Wednesday!

Please see below for an archived list of 2016's Webinar Wednesdays!

February 10: Statewide Update and Cultural Awareness
View the Recorded February Webinar

March 9: After the FAFSA
View the Recorded March Webinar

April 13: College Admissions
View the Recorded April Webinar

May 11: Q&A - You Have Met with Your Students, Now What?
View the Recorded May Webinar

June 8: Financial Aid Verification
View the Recorded June Webinar

July 13: Community Service
View the Recorded July Webinar

August 10: College Success
View the Recorded August Webinar

September 14: Q&A -
View the Recorded September Webinar
LaunchMyCareerTN Presentation
LaunchMyCareerTN Advisor Conversation Guide

October 12: FAFSA Overview
View the Recorded October Webinar
FAFSA Update Presentation


If you have further questions or need more information, contact the tnAchieves Outreach Team!

Graham Thomas,

Ben Sterling, 

Allie Scalf Greer,