Summer Institute

Free, Six-Week Program at Southwest Tennessee Community College

The tnAchieves Summer Institute is a FREE, six-week program that allows students to get a head start on college! The application for the 2022 tnAchieves Summer Institute closed on April 19, 2022. 

Students will participate in all remedial courses along with three college-level courses the summer before they enroll in college. Successful students complete the program earning nine college credits and building lasting friendships! The tnAchieves Summer Institute gives students the opportunity to experience college before they begin their fall semester. Students work with college professors and take college courses in a much smaller and supported setting. Last year, 100% of students found success in the Summer Institute.

If you are a student planning to attend Southwest Tennessee Community College this fall, do not miss this exciting opportunity! Please see below for more program-specific information!

The application for the tnAchieves Summer Institute at Southwest Tennessee Community College has closed.

Program Details

Location: Southwest Tennessee Community College’s Whitehaven Campus

Daily Time Commitment: The six-week program runs from May 31 – July 8, 2022, Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM and required tutoring on Friday from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Program hours may vary depending on which courses students need; however, all students will attend required tutoring on Fridays. Lunch will be provided and will be FREE to you!

Advantages of the Program: Participants report feeling more prepared academically and socially after participating in the program. Summer Institute gives you a great sense of what college may be like for you in the fall. If you successfully complete the program you will begin college with NINE college credits which is an awesome head start!

Please see below for the classes you will take throughout the program (exact classes will be dependent on need and will be based on your ACT scores and your final high school transcript).

Credit Courses


Academic Success 1100


English 1010


Math 1530


Remedial Courses 
(pass or fail)


Reading 0810


English 0810


Math 0530




Students interested in Summer Institute must:

  • Graduate from a high school in Shelby County.
  • Be willing to commit to the FULL program; and
    • Only 3 excused absences are accepted
  • Meet all deadlines outlined below.


  • Be admitted to Southwest Tennessee Community College by May 13!
  • Complete your 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by May 13– This is different from the 2022-2023 FAFSA that you recently completed!
    • You will need your FSA ID and your parent/legal guardian’s FSA ID to log on to your FAFSA (you created your login info when you completed the 2022-2023 FAFSA)
    • You will need your parent/legal guardian’s 2019 tax information
  • Attend a Summer Institute Orientation! You are only required to attend one session.
    • Orientation options are:
      • May 17 from 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
      • May 18 from 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
    • Please check your email to RSVP for a session by May 13!
  • Complete verification and admissions requirements through Southwest by May 31!


How is this program impacted by COVID-19? Students who participate are required to follow all COVID-19 policies laid out by Southwest Tennessee Community College.

What classes will I be taking? As a Summer Institute student, you will be enrolled in Academic Success, Reading 0810, English 0810, English 1010, Math 0530 and Math 1530.

I took SAILS math in high school; do I still have to take the math support class? The exact courses you will take will be determined by your ACT scores and final high school transcript!

What is a remedial class? A remedial class is a class that students must enroll in if they score below a specific threshold on the ACT or placement test prior to college enrollment. The class credit hours will not count towards the student’s major but the student is required to take the class and pass it to be considered college level in that subject.

Do I have to attend Southwest in the fall or can I transfer to a different institution? Students who participate in the program are not required to attend Southwest in the fall. However, we strongly encourage students to verify with their intended college that any college credits earned during the program will transfer to their college.

I only need to take one support class based on my ACT score. Can I still participate? Yes! The exact courses you will take will be determined by your ACT scores and your final high school transcript!

Can I still participate if I plan on attending a college in the fall that does not accept the TN Promise scholarship? Students who are currently eligible for the TN Promise scholarship at the start of the program can participate even if they do not plan on using the scholarship in the fall, but credits are not guaranteed to transfer outside of the TN Community College system.

I have a summer vacation planned and I will miss several days of the program. Can I still participate? Students are only allotted a total of three absences for the duration of the six-week program. If your summer plans exceed the allotted absences, you should consider participating in our three-week Summer Bridge Program. Absences are only allowed with an accepted documented excuse.

Is the program free? Yes! The program is free to students. We provide all of the necessary supplies and lunch!