Volunteer State Community College


All students at Vol State receive an academic advisor! Advisors are assigned to students based on their chosen degree program, so students should make appointments to meet with them before registering for classes for their fall and spring semesters. Advisors can assist students in selecting the courses they need to take, but it is the student's responsibility to come prepared to the advising meeting and know what class times fit with their schedules. Students should also follow the instructions mailed to you by the Admissions Office, which contains registration dates, procedures, and your scheduled registration time. Students can also access the Advising Center on campus Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students can see advisors in person, call 615-230-3702, or email advising@volstate.edu.

New Student Orientation

Orientation is required for all new first-time freshman at Vol State.

  • There are sessions offered by each campus:
    • Gallatin (main campus) – 6 sessions
    • Highland Crest – 3 sessions
    • Livingston – 3 sessions
    • Cookeville – 6 sessions

The sessions begin in June and end the last week of July. About 50 students are allowed per session at any of the non-main campuses, and 300 total are allowed at the main campus (50 per program of study). Vol State does not post the dates of their Campus Connect orientations for anyone to see externally. Students must engage with the college BEFORE June to ensure they are completing necessary paperwork for Financial Aid and other offices on campus. Vol State will email invitations to students who are invited to attend Campus Connect.  These emails are sent to the student’s Vol State student email address. The email address of the student is school issued and marked on the student’s Welcome Letter from the college.

Student Portal

Students can register for their classes, check their grades, use their student email and access their online classes through their MyVolState student portal.

Verification Process

It is recommended that Vol State students complete verification requirements by June 1 to ensure their files are complete before payment due dates. Phone calls are made to students and emails are sent to their Vol State addresses informing them if they are selected for verification.

Students can check their MyVolState student portals if they have outstanding requirements and Vol State is currently developing a process to text students reminders to check their student accounts as well. Students can access all required documents from their student portals 24/7 and can also use Dynamic Forms to complete and submit documents online.

Click here for more information about financial aid at Vol State