Roane State

Fall 2022 Enrollment

If you are interested in applying to Roane State, click HERE to find instructions on how to apply!

You can also call 865-882-4554 or 1-866-462-7722 (ext. 4554) or email if you have any questions.


Roane State students are each assigned a Success Coach for their first semester. Once students meet specific criteria for success, they will then be assigned a faculty advisor, who can provide them with more specific guidance related to their area of study. Students must make an appointment to meet with their advisor and receive their registration pin number. Roane State students can find out who their success coach or faculty advisor are along with their contact information by logging into their RaiderNet account.

Student Portal

Students can use RaiderNet to monitor their grades, financial aid requirements, classes and to contact their success coach or academic advisor.

Verification Process

Students can also check their student portal, RaiderNet, to check their financial aid status and to access the required documents. Students can click on a link entitled, “Outstanding Financial Aid Requirements for the XXXX-XXXX Aid Year,” to access a list of required documents with additional information about how to obtain the documents. All documents are submitted directly to the coaches, and they check in weekly with their students through text and email if they still have outstanding documentation.

Click here for more information about financial aid at Roane State