Motlow State

Summer 2020 Enrollment

Please click here to access three helpful videos on how to register for classes!

  • These videos will show you how to navigate your GPS, register for classes, and access your online classes via D2L.
  • Below the videos, you will find the contact information for all Completion Coaches on each of the Motlow State campuses. Reach out to any Completion Coach via email for help in this process.
  • It is always a good idea to reach out and confirm you have registered for the correct classes and are on track to graduate!

Incoming Motlow State students are assigned Completion Coaches that support them in working toward graduation! Once students apply to Motlow and receive access to their MyMotlow account, they can see their assigned coach by clicking on the GPS tab, and then clicking on Advisor. Students are assigned coaches based on their academic department and can schedule appointments to meet with their coaches throughout the academic year.

Student Portal

MyMotlow is the main online student portal for Motlow State students! Motlow students can access a host of student services through their portal, including financial aid information, class schedules, grades, a course catalog and more! Students are strongly recommended to visit their MyMotlow account frequently and stay up to date on student emails as much as they can. 

Verification Process

Once a student’s FAFSA is received by Motlow State, financial aid requirements show up on their myMotlow student portals by April/May. Students and parents must register for a system called Dynamic Forms to submit their verification documents online (students should not have parents complete their Dynamic form for them). Student communication is primarily done through email. By April, financial aid requirement reminders are already in the process of being sent out.

In addition to the email, Motlow State plans to send out a text message to students letting them know that financial aid requirements have been posted to their student accounts. Every Monday starting in April, follow-up emails are sent to students who have yet to complete their financial aid requirements. Students are strongly recommended to check their accounts frequently (on a weekly basis at least) so they do not miss additional information requests from the financial aid office.

Tax return transcripts are usually the biggest roadblock when it comes to missing documentation, but this should become easier for students and parents now that they are allowed to submit signed copies of their tax returns. Motlow does recommend using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the FAFSA.

Click here for more information about financial aid at Motlow State