Chattanooga State

Fall 2022 Enrollment

If you are interested in applying to Chattanooga State, click HERE to find instructions on how to apply!

You can also call the Enrollment Services Center at 423-697-4401 or chat with them virtually HERE if you have any questions.


All Chattanooga State students are required to meet with their academic advisors every semester before registering for classes. Students can find their advisor by logging into their Tiger Web student portal, where the name of their advisor will be listed on the homepage. Your advisor's email address, phone number and office can be found by searching Chattanooga State's directory. Many staff members do not work over the summer, so if you are unable to reach your advisor then you should contact their respective academic division for more information. Your advisor will also be assigned based on the major you have selected, so if you change majors at any point then you will be assigned another advisor. Please always make sure to bring relevant materials, including your academic and educational plan to each session!

Please visit Chattanooga State's website for additional information!

Student Portal

At Chattanooga State, your student portal is TigerWeb. Through TigerWeb, you will be able to access your grades, your advisor, your schedule and lots of other important information! You will need to login with your TigerID and password, which you will receive upon your acceptance to the college. If you have forgotten your login information, you can use the TigerID Wizard to reset your information. 

Click here to access TigerWeb!

Verification Process

Students will receive a letter in the mail from Chattanooga State reminding them that they need to log into their TigerWeb portal to check their requirements for financial aid and admissions. Students are sent follow-up emails every other week from that point on until their documentation is received. If upon review the documentation is not complete or contains conflicting information, the file is marked as INCOMPLETE and students receive an email to inform them. Files are not reviewed by Chattanooga State until all required documentation is received.

Here is a video on how to check if you have Financial Aid requirements on your tiger web account.

Here are videos on how to complete a Chattanooga State verification form for a dependent student. 

More videos will eventually be posted to TigerWeb on the TigerTutorial page!

Click here for more information about financial aid at Chattanooga State