What is tnAchieves CONNECT?

tnAchieves CONNECT is an exciting tool available to mentors and students in 2022! CONNECT will allow students to work with their mentor virtually and build effective, meaningful relationships throughout their college-going journey. CONNECT offers messaging, video chat, and scheduling tools in addition to resources and information that can support students in the college-going process.

How do I access tnAchieves CONNECT?

All Class of 2022 students and mentors are asked to activate tnAchieves CONNECT. tnAchieves has already started building your profile, however, you must complete this process to begin working with a mentor or students. To access your activation link or find out if you have already completed this step, simply complete the form below. Please note that only students and mentors with the class of 2022 should complete CONNECT activation at this time.

Click below to visit tnAchieves CONNECT!

RETURNING USER? CLICK HERE TO LOG INTO TNACHIEVES CONNECT                    First time visiting CONNECT? Click here to activate your account.