Monthly Webinars

Each month, the tnAchieves Outreach Team will host an optional webinar for mentors on the topics listed below. Each webinar attended counts for one Mentor Recognition Program point. Every webinar will be recorded, and we will email the link to the recorded version after each presentation. To register for a webinar, please click on the corresponding link below!

January 2018
Our January edition featured Jason Seay from the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) speaking on the FAFSA filing/verification process.
Click here to view a recording of January's monthly webinar!

February 2018
February's monthly webinar featured tnAchieves Executive Director Krissy DeAlejandro presenting on the past decade of tnAchieves, the progress of the Class of 2018 and mentoring next steps. 
Click here to view a recording of February's monthly webinar!

March 2018
Representatives from Nashville State Community College and TCAT Hartsville discussed the admissions process at Tennessee community colleges and colleges of applied technology. 
Click here to view a recording of March's monthly webinar!

April 2018
Graham Thomas answers mentor-submitted questions and provides insight on timely topics as we transition out of team meeting season! This month's recording can help answer many students' frequently asked questions!
Click here to view a recording of April's monthly webinar!

May 2018
May's monthly webinar will focus on the upcoming community service deadline. Many students struggle with identifying quality volunteer opportunities, so we will equip you with tips and conversation-starters to help connect your students with worthwhile volunteer opportunities!
Click here to view a recording of May's monthly webinar!

June 2018
Staying connected throughout the summer is crucial to maintaining a relationship with your students. We will provide you with some ideas and tips to stay in touch with your group!
Click here to view a recording of June's monthly webinar!

July 2018
Exciting changes and innovations are on the horizon at tnAchieves! Register for July's webinar to learn more from our Executive Director, Krissy DeAlejandro!
Click here to view a recording of July's monthly webinar!

August 2018
In September, we will host the final team meeting with your group of students. Mentor attendance is crucial at this meeting, so we will discuss the meeting goals and agenda!
Click here to view a recording of August's monthly webinar!

September 2018
Class of 2019 mentor recruitment is underway! We will discuss how you can help us meet our goal of recruiting 9,000 volunteers by November 30, 2018!
Click here to register for September's monthly webinar!

October 2018
The 2019-2020 FAFSA opens on October 1, 2018 and all of your students will be required to complete the application. We will discuss you can support/remind your students. We will also discuss the upcoming December 1, 2018 community service deadline!
Click here to register for October's monthly webinar!

November 2018
Thank you so much for mentoring with the Class of 2018! We hope that you will join us again next year with the Class of 2019. Let us know if you plan to return! 
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February 15, 2017: Training Refresher and Statistical Update
Click here to view a recording of February's Webinar Wednesday!
March 15, 2017: The College Admissions Process
Click here to view a recording of March's Webinar Wednesday!
April 19, 2017: Question and Answer Session with tnAchieves
Click here to view a recording of April's Webinar Wednesday!
May 17, 2017: Financial Aid Verification
Click here to view a recording of May's Webinar Wednesday!
June 14, 2017: Community Service
Click here to view a recording of June's Webinar Wednesday!
July 19, 2017: Student Myths About College
Click here to view a recording of July's Webinar Wednesday!
August 23, 2017: State of TN Promise Community Tour Recap
Click here to view a recording of August's Webinar Wednesday!


February 10, 2016: Statewide Update and Cultural Awareness
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March 9, 2016: After the FAFSA
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April 13, 2016: College Admissions
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May 11, 2016: Q&A - You Have Met with Your Students, Now What?
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June 8, 2016: Financial Aid Verification
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July 13, 2016: Community Service
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August 10, 2016: College Success
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September 14, 2016: Q&A -
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October 12, 2016: FAFSA Overview
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