tnAchieves Online Bridge Program

The tnAchieves Online Bridge Program is a FREE 3.5 week online program for students to improve reading, English and math skills in an effort to test in to college level classes. Online Bridge is an excellent option for students who are not able to attend in-person Summer Bridge Programs due to time constraints or transportation challenges.


Reading Math English
Marcy Conway April Crenshaw Kelley Hatch
Office Hours*:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
9:00-10:00 AM ET
Office Hours*:
Tuesday and Thursday
10:00 AM ET
Office Hours*:
Wednesday: 12:00-1:00 PM ET
Friday: 1:00-2:00 PM ET
 Email: Email: Email:

*All office hours will be held via Zoom. You must email the professor to schedule a time and receive meeting details. 

Program Logistics

Students will have access to the subjects required based on their pre-testing results via tnAchieves CONNECT. Students must have an activated tnAchieves CONNECT profile to gain access to the Online Bridge Program modules. The program modules will be available from June 7 - June 30, 2021, meaning students must complete all assigned modules during this timeframe.

Accessing Online Bridge Modules Tutorial Summer Bridge Program Handbook

tnAchieves Coach

Online Bridge Program participants will be expected to meet with an assigned tnAchieves coach at least once per week during the 3.5-week program. Coaches will check on progress, answer questions and ensure students are prepared to start college in the fall.

Pacing the Online Bridge Program

The program is self-paced, so students will complete the Online Bridge modules on their own schedule. We strongly recommend using the pacing guidelines below to help with time management and program completion:

Subject Completed by
June 11
Completed by
June 18
Completed by
June 25
Completed by
June 30
Math Modules 1-3 Modules 4-7 Modules 8-11 Modules 12-13
English Modules 1-4 Modules 5-7 Modules 8-11 Module 12
Reading Modules 1-4 Modules 5-7 Modules 8-11 Module 12


Students must complete ACCUPLACER post-testing by July 9, 2021. The post-testing schedule is below, so mark your calendar!

Institution Post-test Date
Jackson State, Pellissippi State, Roane State July 1
Dyersburg State July 6
Nashville State July 6-9
Columbia State July 7
Walters State July 7
Cleveland State July 7-8
Chattanooga State, Motlow State, Northeast State, Southwest, Vol State Self-scheduled

Student Expectations

All students are required to complete an online survey by Friday, June 4. This survey will include an electronic signature line indicating you agree to the following:

  • I acknowledge all materials will only be available to me via tnAchieves CONNECT from June 7 through June 30, 2021.
  • I agree to complete all assigned modules by June 30.
  • I agree to work with my assigned tnAchieves coach at least once a week throughout the program.
  • I agree to post-test ACCUPLACER at my intended college prior to July 9, 2021.

Click here to take the survey!