Offered at all 13 Tennessee community colleges, the Summer Bridge Program is a FREE three-week, in-person program designed to help incoming college freshmen start at a more college-ready level, both academically and socially. For three weeks, students attend a community college of their choice and receive instruction in math, reading and English. The program is intended to help students potentially test out of learning support classes and enroll in college-level classes in the fall.

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The Online Bridge Program by tnAchieves is a FREE 3.5-week online program for students to improve reading, English and math skills in an effort to test into college-level classes. Online Bridge is an excellent option for students who are not able to attend in-person Summer Bridge Programs due to time constraints or transportation challenges.

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Summer Institute is offered at Nashville State Community College and Southwest Tennessee Community College. It is a FREE program that allows students to take remedial college classes along with 3 college-level classes, and complete the program with at least 7 college credits! tnAchieves Summer Institute is an excellent way for students to experience college and earn college credit prior to the fall 2021 semester. We highly encourage you to enroll in Summer Institute instead of the Summer Bridge Program if you are a student planning to attend Nashville State Community College or Southwest Tennessee Community College, require remediation and are able to commit to the program.

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Nashville State - Gateway to GRAD
Summer Programs

The Nashville GRAD program provides eligible Nashville State Community College
students with financial and academic support. Gateway to GRAD is available to MNPS
2021 and 2020 graduates. Limited availability. First come, first served. Programs will be
offered on the White Bridge and Southeast campuses.

Get Early Access to:

  • Advising and fall semester registration
  • Campus resources such as technology, financial aid support, career services, and food assistance
  • New Student Orientation

You will take NSCC 1010, First Year Experience for free and start your college education
now! You also will participate in fun engagements to learn about being a college student,
and you can take college classes or participate in a program to test out of learning
supports all for free!

How to Join:


South College
2021 Bridge Program

The South College Bridge Program offers free refresher courses in English and math to any student entering higher education. It is designed to help students who may have pandemic-related learning slippage or students who have been out of school for an extended time and need additional review of English and math. Let South College make your transition more successful. Register today at

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