June #FindYourWhyTN Theme: Making Your Family Proud

The June #FindYourWhyTN theme, Make My Family Proud resonates with me. This is rooted in the lessons I learned growing up in a tight-knit family. My grandfather taught me that family is everything, and he instilled in me the importance of higher education and hard work. My dad always told me to do my best and my family would be proud. My two sisters teach me by their example. They commit to their endeavors and serve as my lifetime support system. Most importantly, my mom taught me no matter what I pursue, I should always remain humble and kind. These lessons were the building blocks that led me to earn my college degree and build a meaningful career. Many of our students share they, too, want to make their families proud and this is why they pursue a post-secondary education.

I’m always inspired by student’s reasons for going to college. They often share stories of what it will mean to their families. They want to see their mom’s proud smile at graduation. They want their parents to know their sacrifices were worth it. They want to model for younger siblings an example of what’s possible.

Family inspiration is a huge motivator for students pursuing a post-secondary degree or credential. But just as valuable is family support – someone to lean on when things get tough. Beyond their traditional family, students will also acquire a family of support as they move through their post-secondary journey. tnAchieves proudly serves as one of these supports for students. Our mentors help guide students from high school to college and our dedicated coaches ensure students have the necessary support once they begin. Students should never feel alone; there is always someone willing to help!

Creating a support network shaped my journey to, through and beyond college. Being on a team and part of a community has always motivated me. I have attended schools with a strong sense of community, was a member of a field hockey team from middle school through college and now I am part of the small and hard-working team of tnAchieves.

In all of these instances, I am driven to make myself and those around me proud, and I feel a responsibility to do my personal best for the greater good. I learned from my family that being proud comes through commitment and hard work while feeling supported. What my family poured into me I hope to share with the tnAchieves team and in turn the countless number of students that are part of the tnAchieves family. Students, you make us proud EVERY DAY!

Maegan Tribble
tnAchieves Senior Director of Finance and Administration

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