2022 Mandatory Webinar/tnAchieves CONNECT

In order to remain eligible for TN Promise, you will be required to view a short TN Promise virtual webinar. This webinar will include all of the important information pertaining to your TN Promise scholarship eligibility. You must view the webinar by March 1, 2022* to remain eligible for TN Promise. Viewing the webinar is a two-step process as you must first create your tnAchieves CONNECT account. tnAchieves CONNECT is our online platform that you will use to communicate with your volunteer mentor and the tnAchieves team. CONNECT also houses your mandatory meeting webinar. Go ahead and activate your CONNECT account NOW!

  • First, follow the instructions below to create your tnAchieves CONNECT account!
    • Click the link below to access your unique tnAchieves CONNECT activation page.
      1. Activate your CONNECT Account!
    • On the Create Account page, create a password by typing a password in to the Password field and click Continue.
      1. This will be the password used to log into your tnAchieves CONNECT account until you change it. Make sure you write it down and save it!
      2. Once you create your password, your unique link will no longer work. If you return to the unique link used to activate your account, you will be directed to log in using your newly created password.
    • After creating your password, you will be redirected to enhance your profile on the More About Me Complete the steps outlined here to provide more information for your tnAchieves mentor once you are paired in mid-February! Proceed through these steps to continue the activation process.
    • On SMS Notifications, enter your mobile phone number in this format: (###) ###-####. Then, select new connection requestsupcoming meetings and new message. By selecting these options, you will receive text message notifications when there is activity on your CONNECT account. Click Continue.
    • On Please Review and Sign Agreement, review the terms, select I have read the entire agreement above, and draw your signature in the designated box. Click Next.
    • After clicking Next, you will be directed to the tnAchieves CONNECT home page and you can take steps to watch the mandatory webinar!
  • After you have created your account, you will now need to view the 2022 TN Promise Mandatory Webinar. Please see the instructions below to view the webinar.
    • Once you have fully activated your account, please allow up to 15 minutes for the system to refresh your account to include the mandatory webinar.
    • Navigate to Pathways, which can be found in the upper menu bar.
    • Select 2022 Mandatory Webinar and click Start Pathway.
    • Follow the instructions provided to complete and receive credit for your webinar. To be credited, you must watch the entirety of the webinar and answer the questions provided in the pathway.
    • Once you have completed all the provided steps in your mandatory webinar pathway, select Finish to be credited.
  • Remember, you must view the mandatory webinar no later than 11:59 PM on March 1, 2022* to maintain your TN Promise eligibility!

*This deadline has been extended from February 1 to March 1 due to ongoing weather related school closures and the continuing COVID-19 surge.